Review: $1000 face mask!? Orogold’s 24K gold mask

As luxury products go, Orogold’s 24K Deep Tissue Rejuvenation Mask is most certainly that! This product is a 24 karat gold infused (no, really!) face mask.

Orogold is known for having actual 24 karat gold in their skin products and also for their REALLY high prices. For a pack of  14 masks and 12 eye masks, you’ll be parting with around $1000 USD.

Yeah. I know.

But anyway, let’s find out if you really do get what you pay for…



The packaging is good quality and the product is tightly ensconced within its silver foil. Within the package, you get 14 face masks and 12 eye masks. The eye masks go directly under your eyes, underneath the face mask.


Obviously, the ‘hero’ ingredient from a marketing perspective is 24 karat gold. I’m no dermatologist, but from my cursory online research it looks like the purpose of gold in skin care is to reduce inflammation, which is a cause of both acne and hyperpigmentation.

One of the other main things in the ingredients list is chitosan. I’d never heard of this, so did some research and found that chitosan is derived from chitin, a polysaccharide found in the exoskeletons of shrimp, lobster, and crabs (which means this product is obviously not vegan friendly). There is extensive research showing it can be effective in skin restoring and soothing. For more on this, visit the Paula’s Choice website.

Sea algae extracts, collagen and hyaluronic acid also make an appearance in the ingredients list.


Placing this mask on my skin was heaven – it’s a really thick, silicone material and cooling to the touch. Adding to the loveliness was the eye masks – placing these babies under the eyes really reduces any puffiness or eye-bags (which is a problem for me).

You also get the added benefit of looking like a fancy golden Terminator:


The smell of this mask is subtly lavender, which adds to the relaxation factor. Lavender is a very calming scent.

I think this mask definitely lives up to it’s luxury price tag in terms of the experience of using it.

Results after use

Immediately after using this mask, my skin felt very soft, plumped and hydrated. There were a definite glow and radiance to my skin too. I think the biggest difference for me was underneath the eyes. I really found the eye mask helped to fill in where my undereye hollows are. That’s a huge win in my book. I think this would be a great thing to use prior to a big night out where you need to look extra gorgeous.

My visage immediately post-masking

Final thoughts

This is a beautiful mask. The quality is second to none and it really does feel very luxurious to use. It’s gorgeous to use as part of your relaxation routine.

However, I have to say that I am not sure the high price tag is worth it unless you have plenty of disposable income to spend on ‘nice to have’ products. I have been using one of these masks once per fortnight for about two months and while I have seen a definite increase in hydration levels, I haven’t really noticed any mind-blowing results. I may need to use these for a longer period of time to really see results, though.

If you’re a regular person with a limited budget I personally think that you may get better value for money and results from using the $1000 you could spend on these masks for a clinical skin treatment such as a series of microdermabrasion or sonophoresis infusions.

It is really up to you if spending this much money is worth it. For me personally, this was a special splurge and something I really enjoyed because I’m a skincare and cosmetics enthusiast.

Thanks for joining me for this review!

xx B