This week I tried: Caci Clinic’s Skin Health Plan/Reformaskin

Let me preface this post by saying I’m not afraid of ageing! Yet, like all of us, I want to stay looking my best at any age. So with that in mind, I recently decided to invest in some self-care and take care of my skin by signing up for a Caci Clinic Skin Health Plan.

What is the Caci Skin Health Plan?

The Skin Health Plan is this clever idea of Caci’s to help us regular folk with regular cash flow levels (unlike celebs and rich people!) finally be able to invest in proper clinical skin treatments and get real results.

Types of plans

The plan I am on is the entry-level ‘Conditioning’ programme, which works out at $25NZD per week for 15 treatments throughout the year, plus several extra free treatments of your choice such as facials, waxing or even electrolysis. Caci also throws in a free Ki sunscreen, which is a nice touch!

On the Conditioning plan, the skin treatments available to me are:

Each time I come to the clinic, my therapist decides with me which treatment is best prescribed for my skin at that time.

If you have skin that needs more advanced treatments, you can pay extra to add on:

What are my skin concerns?

I’ve taken pretty good care of my skin throughout my life so it’s not in terrible shape but there are a couple of things I’d like to address:

  • Pigmentation and freckles (thanks to my pasty Scottish heritage – ha!) as I’m seeing the beginnings of some dark spots, and;
  • Acne scarring and clogged pores around the jawline (this has always been a problem for me).

What treatments have I had so far?

My lovely Caci therapist, Georgia, has so far prescribed for me two microdermabrasion treatments combined with a light glycolic peel – the treatments have been spaced three weeks apart.

I found the procedure very comfortable. Georgia applies the glycolic first, which is a type of AHA. She paints on the glycolic liquid and gently massages it into my face for about five minutes. It tingles a wee bit, you definitely feel it working, but it’s not painful. Georgia then washes off the glycolic and my skin is ready for the microdermabrasion.

Microdermabrasion feels a bit like light sandpaper being brushed across the skin. The machine is like a little vacuum cleaner for your face! Afterwards, I was a little bit red and my skin felt slightly more sensitive than usual, but it dissipated within a couple of hours. My skin was the smoothest I’ve ever felt it!

Post-treatment, I didn’t notice any major changes initially, however around five days after the microdermabrasion I noticed big changes. My skin looked so clear and smooth, with a definite glow and freshness. I could also tell that my pigmentation looked less obvious due to the brightening effect I was experiencing. The biggest change, though, was in my clogged pores and the acne scarring on my chin – this was enormously improved!


So far it’s only a short way into my programme of treatments, with 13 more to go, so I’m hoping for further improvement in my skin throughout the year. Very exciting!

I will keep you posted with pictures and thoughts about my experience along the way!

xx B