This week I tried: Sonophoresis Infusion

In between drowning in autumnal leaves while trying to tidy up my little garden at home, I’m really enjoying my regular skin care treatments every few weeks at Caci, as part of my Skin Health Plan. The plan allows me to break up the payments over a year. (I’d never be able to afford to shell out for treatments outright!) I highly recommend trying a Skin Health Plan if it’s something you can afford and would like to try out.

The other thing I’m loving about the plan is the variety of treatments available to me. I’ve now tried microdermabrasion, and as of this week – sonophoresis infusion.

What is sonophoresis infusion?

Caci’s website bills sonophoresis as a safe non-invasive treatment, which is suitable for almost all skin types. Resulting in reduced redness, smoother skin tone and texture. The treatment uses sound waves (ultrasound) to infuse active skincare ingredients deeper into the skin.

The science behind it is really fascinating! The sound waves ‘open up’ the tiny channels in your skin, allowing the active ingredients in a high potency serum to penetrate more deeply and do their work. In fact, I read somewhere that sonophoresis can increase penetration by 800%. Sheesh! Impressive.

What was the experience like?

As usual, the experience at Caci was lovely. My therapist, Georgia, chose a serum for my skin concerns (pigmentation and acne scarring on my chin are my main bugbears) and prepped my face with a calming cleanse. I love the Murad products she uses, they always smell super fancy! (Surely that adds to their efficacy, right?)

Georgia then used the sonophoresis machine on my face along with the serum she had picked out for me. This, my friends, was an interesting experience.

Imagine R2D2 inside your head. That’s pretty much what the machine feels/sounds like! It’s pretty weird. However it’s not painful in any way, and I’m down with doing some pretty weird stuff to my face in the pursuit of nice skin! (Peel off charcoal masks that make me look like an insane devil – I’m looking at you).

The whole process only took half an hour and was very relaxing overall. I liked that I didn’t leave the clinic looking reddish like I do when I’ve had a microdermabrasion. I just looked refreshed, and a bit like ‘a lady who lunches’ – or as I like to call it ‘the rich person glow’. Haha!


Initially, my skin felt super soft and plump – which is always a great thing! However, the biggest results came a few days later. I found that after about two or three days, my skin looked a lot clearer and brighter. But the BEST thing I noticed was my acne scarring and clogged chin pores are looking so much better! This is actually huge for me – my chin area is something I’m most self-conscious about, so this is a big win for me. I am very much looking forward to another sonophoresis infusion in the near future!

xx B