This week I tried: Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal promises to deliver up to 90% permanent hair reduction. Imagine it! A world without having to worry about shaving or waxing?!

But what’s it all about? Does it hurt? How many sessions does one need? ALL OF THE QUESTIONS.

Well today ladies and gents, I’m here to pull back the curtain on laser. Here’s my report back on my experience at Wax n Laser Midland. Beam me up, Scotty!

(Spoiler alert: I’m having my lady parts zapped!)

How laser hair removal works

Laser hair removal shoots an intense light beam through the unwanted hair area, which is then absorbed by the pigment within the hair shaft and hair follicle. This generates heat, which loosens the hair and disables the hair forming cells. In a sense, the laser ‘kills’ the hair follicle so it can’t grow.

The annoying thing is you have to have several sessions for laser to work. This is because the ‘killing’ of the hair follicle will only happen when the hair is in the correct stage of its growth cycle.

Six to eight sessions of laser will usually achieve the best results. Some people achieve greater reduction of hair than others.

Before a laser session

I was surprised to learn that, unlike getting a wax, you have to shave before your laser session. That’s because the laser beams need to shoot down the hair follicle and the less length it has to go down, the better.

How a laser hair removal session works

If you’ve had a Brazilian wax, then you’ll be familiar with the joys of taking off your smalls and baring all to a woman you don’t know. Getting laser downstairs is the same deal. Off come the undies and on goes a disposable g-string. Then on the bed you hop. You also get to put on a beautiful pair of 90’s looking sunglasses to protect your eyes. Think Blu-Blockers.

Next, the therapist will cover the area being treated in a clear goo. It’s actually the same stuff used on pregnant women’s bellies when they get an ultrasound. It helps with the conducting of the laser beams. That definitely feels cold and weird!

After the goo is placed, it’s time for the laser. Your therapist will zap you! How long this takes really depends on the size of the area you’re having treated. As an example, the Brazilian laser treatment takes about ten minutes, the upper lip about two. Legs take longer.

Overall laser hair removal is a bit ouchie, but it’s not unbearable. It’s often described as similar to a rubber band snapping on the skin. I think that’s really accurate! It’s also a ‘deeper in the skin’ feeling than, say, waxing. You can sort of feel the laser pulsing deeper into the skin. It’s hard to describe!

My experience of Wax n Laser Midland

These ladies are GOOD.

In Wellington, the popularity of laser has been growing a lot! I’ve noticed quite a few cut-price places these days as a result. My advice – avoid the cheap places and stick with somewhere experienced, scrupulously clean and high-quality like Wax n Laser Midland.

Laser is a specialised treatment, and you can get burnt or have crappy results if you’re not being treated by someone good or with high-quality equipment. The type and quality of the laser machine being used makes a huge difference in how your results will turn out.

Wax n Laser is the only clinic in Wellington using machines with double energy (laser + RF) that use 810 nm diode technology invented specifically for hair reduction. Wax n Laser was also the first in Wellington to specialise in hair removal and started their laser business 15 years ago – they know their stuff!

The therapist who did my lasering was excellent. She was kind, clean, very efficient and didn’t oversell me on a package of too many treatments. She noted that I’d already had six laser treatments a year ago, so she told me to stick with a four-session treatment package to get rid of the remaining hair (as much as possible). She could have easily upsold me to six or eight sessions, so I was really impressed with her honest and ethical advice.

Laser hair removal – the good

I’ve now had seven laser treatments. I’ve seen a huge decrease in hair growth! Like probably about 60 – 70%. My hair is so much thinner and finer, and much easier to deal with. I’m really pleased with that and hope to see a further reduction in the next few treatments. I feel it’s entirely worth the cost and the ouchies to have much less hair to deal with.

I also love how quick the treatment is (I’m treating a pretty small area). To be honest, I think it’s easier to deal with than waxing simply because it’s so fast.

Laser hair removal – the bad

This one is obvious – it hurts. Particularly in the more sensitive areas.

But seriously, it’s not unmanageable and it is so quick – way faster than waxing. And that is what makes it a better option in my opinion. And you only have to do a series of 6 – 10 sessions and then you’re totally done! After which you can just shave any peach fuzz you have remaining. It’ll also be much slower growing and finer.

Another thing to remember is that laser hair removal doesn’t usually get rid of every single last bit of hair. It greatly reduces it (up to 90%) but often it won’t fully get rid of every hair. I think this is one of the biggest misconceptions about laser hair removal!

I hope this has helped! Overall, I totally think that laser hair removal is worth it! I’d definitely do it again.

xx B